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Tuesday, 28.5.2024.

MoStart is a three-day event that offers opportunities for learning, exchanging knowledge, and expanding your professional network in a fun and friendly atmosphere. One of the three days will be dedicated exclusively to IT. Connect with a community of programmers, engineers, and technology enthusiasts from the entire region. With hundreds of expected participants, there will be no shortage of opportunities to meet new friends, exchange ideas, and establish lasting relationships in the hospitable and inclusive environment of the university campus.

Exciting interactions across various zones await you at our event! We believe that everyone will find something that will intrigue them. Enjoy discussions on the most current IT topics of the day, take advantage of the networking space to create new value, play games to win prizes, listen to some inspiring lectures, and relax at the after-party to wrap up the event.

MoStart conference will host an impressive panel on the latest trends in the industry, as well as numerous zones with leading brands in the technology sector. This event will provide you with a unique opportunity to learn about new technologies and services and establish valuable contacts with representatives from renowned companies.

Given the large number of companies and organizations that will participate, as well as the number of students who have free admission to the conference, this will be an excellent opportunity for anyone looking for new talent and "future seniors", as well as for those who want to pursue their ambitions and careers and find internships or permanent jobs.

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